Mail Strainer Service Pricing

All pricing is monthly, flat-rate, based on the number of domains or servers you are protecting. To set up new Mail Strainer service, please use the Order Form.

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Per Domain pricing (unlimited servers/MX hosts):

  • 10 domain minimum
  • Unlimited traffic

$1.00 per domain/mo, FREE SETUP

Per server (Cpanel, DA, Plesk, VPS, ect):

  • Includes free assistance in configuring your MX records
  • Up to 300 domains or 100 mails per minute

$30.00/mo, FREE SETUP

Dedicated Dedicated Filtering Appliance (per node):

  • Unlimited domains / users / servers
  • Filters both inbound and outbound (acts as a smarthost for your network)
  • Up to 500 spam/ham per minute
  • Customizable / brand-able GUI with SSL support

$175.00/mo, $100 setup

Geographically Redundant Dedicated Filtering Appliance:

  • Same as above but with a 2nd node in a separate datacenter
  • Master-master cluster with no single point of failure = guaranteed 100% uptime

$350.00/mo, $200 setup