Features of Mail Strainer SPAM Filtering

Mail Strainer Quarantine

  • Server administrator or end users can manage mail queues either per-account or via a domain wide SuperUser queue.
  • Recipient verification scans mail only for valid users and automatically rejects mail for invalid users on your webservers.
  • Regular email digests of spam queue with clickable ‘release’ or ‘resend’ links — users NEVER have to log into a web interface to rescue/confirm mail if they don’t want to.
  • Re-send mail to your inbox you either missed or accidentally deleted — both SPAM and non-SPAM are saved in quarantine and can be released or resent for up to one week.
  • Secure SSL encrypted web access for added security
  • Brandable web interface URL (for example, http://filter.yourdomain.com/)
  • Also functions as a Backup MX.  Mail is held even if your server is offline and delivered to you when your server comes back online.

Mail Strainer Filtering Engine:

  • No custom configuration needed on your servers – only change your DNS records to our Mail Strainer MX servers.  Mail Strainer works silently between the internet and your current email servers.
  • Reduce server load and memory usage significantly — only clean, filtered mail reaches your network.
  • Bayesian filters learn from your SPAM and non-SPAM to help reduce false positives and negatives based on your unique mail flow.
  • Over 2500 SPAM scoring rules, updated twice daily.
  • Over 10 score-based RBLs (realtime block lists) reduces false positives –  no mail can be blocked based on a single RBL listing.
  • Advanced Policy engine stops dictionary attacks and all other types of email DOS attacks.
  • Botnet tracking blocks SPAM and VIRUS attacks from known botnets.
  • Virus definitions updated hourly.
  • Confirmed SPAM automatically reported to Razor, Pyzor, and SpamCop.
  • Scalable cloud-type filtering  infrastructure can seamlessly adapt to any mail load.