Welcome to Mail Strainer - Premium MX-Based Spam and Virus Filtering

If you operate an ISP or a hosting company, you know that spam, virii, and phishing email is becoming a serious issue and requires constant attention and updates to filtering rules and various filtering technologies.  Dictionary attacks and floods of botnet spam can slow sites down to a crawl and crash your servers, especially in the case of VPS or Virtual Hosting.  Phishing emails can lead to identity theft. Lost revenue will result from customers canceling their accounts and signing up with services with more effective solutions.

Mail Strainer takes all of the complication of email filtering and makes it simple for you, by filtering mail externally and delivering only clean mail to your network. Mail Strainer spam filtering rules, phishing and virus definitions are updated 4 times per day. Dozens of RBLs (Realtime Black Lists) are updated in real time. You are always protected from even the most sophisticated spam, virus, and phishing attacks.

Mail Strainer is a viable option for your organization if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

  • Is SPAM scanning and other email processes causing heavy load on your servers?
  • Are users complaining about too much spam?
  • Are phishing emails making it past your current filters?
  • Would you like a single web based quarantine interface available to cache and confirm SPAM/non-SPAM?
  • Do you manage multiple servers and would like a single, common SPAM filter gateway and web interface for you and your clients?
  • Are other SPAM filtering services too expensive or not meeting your needs?

Let MailStrainer technology block up to 99.9% or more of SPAM and malware from ever entering your organization’s network with less than 0.05% in false positives. These are actual statistics mined from years of use on production web hosting farms.

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